New album comes out in 1 week! 

It's just a few more days until the release of our new album, Built For This! 

Here's the final single release before the album comes out on Sunday, the 2nd track from the album, Fighter. 

The album is still available for pre-sale on Bandcamp. The full release will be available on Sunday, 3/1. 

Also, for those who opted in for the vinyl release, we're ahead of schedule on that and expect to have them sometime in mid March. 

Stay tuned for news about our album release show, coming soon!

Fighter on Spotify

New album Built for This available for pre-order! 

It's been a long time coming, but we've made it here at last. Our 5th album, Built for This, is now available for pre-order! It feels like we've been teasing this thing for months, but the work and the wait are just about done with, and we're really excited to finally be able to share this with everyone.

The album will be available for download in full on 3/1/2020, but you'll get the first single, Rolling Highway (also available now on Spotify/iTunes/etc), with your pre-order purchase of either the vinyl…

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Rad shows for 2018! 

Woah, it's been a while! 

It looks like we've been disregarding this here website a bit, and we're very sorry about that. Right now we've been very busy working on putting together songs for our next album, and we expect to start recording in the next few weeks. 

But in the meantime we have a couple of awesome shows coming up!

First up is March 2nd. Our good buddy Mike Parker is having a big birthday bash up in Tacoma, and we're stoked to be partaking in the festivities! We'll be rocking out with our…

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Twilight Fest 2017 this weekend! 

The Twilight Cafe and Bar has quietly become one of Portland's best venues, and a great supporter of local punk rock, so we're very proud to be taking part in Twilight Fest this year! Come through the weekend to see a ton of killer bands. We'll be rocking opening night this Friday, and it's only $5. The day shows on Saturday and Sunday are Free!.   Be sure to drop in Sunday afternoon in particular to catch our buddies Mobina Galore as they pass through on their west coast tour!

New site - join our mailing list! 

So we decided to get our shit together and revamped our website. Please check it out and take a moment to join our mailing list, as it will be the most reliable way to hear about upcoming shows, releases, and other news. 

Next show: April 7th with Nothington and Success! 

We've got a great show coming up here in Portland in a few weeks. We'll be at the Analog Theater opening for Nothington and Success, along with fellow Portlanders The Lightheads. Don't miss it! 

Tickets available at Ticketfly