My Life in Black and White

The new album from Portland, OR punk rockers My Life in Black and White.

After the success of the band's 2008 record "Hold The Line" and subsequent touring, lineup changes led to an indefinite hiatus in 2010. In the summer of 2013, the band reunited, bringing in new members, and began writing. "It wasn't so much a casual choice to start playing again", says singer/songwriter Dylan Summers, "as it was a need. After hitting it so hard for so long, we were all burnt out and absolutely needed a break. But at the end of the day we realized we weren't done, and needed to keep going. We just had more to say."

"Columbia" finds the band viewing a very different landscape than the one that existed when they started. Friends have signed with legitimate music labels, and others have decided that music was fun, but not worth it in their thirties. Members of the band, including Summers, became fathers. These transitions, triumphs, and failures are touched on throughout "Columbia" with a raw honesty that is striking. Line by line and song by song, Summers weaves a story of disappointment and regret, but one where hope just might be around the corner.

As the chorus from "Smile and Say Goodbye", the closing track on "Colombia" so aptly states: "We're tired, we're bleeding, we're barely alive, we've seen the light. The cause is the cure but we press on, we've seen the light!" The song channels the E-Street band, with harmonized "sha na na na's" punctuating the chorus and sending the listener into a gospel-via-punk furvor. But beyond the sonic prowess, the song expresses "Columbia" perfectly- borders and challenges can be ends or beginnings; it's up to you what you make of them.

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